Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Come and check out my new night starting on 19th December @ Hub (Ziggy's basement), York. I'm hoping it will be fun! Super DJ's in the form of Haus (Control), Youandewan (Wax:On, MAGiCBAG) and Tom Grainger (Wax:On, Bad Robot). Its £3 before 12 and £4 after. Free vodka jellies and cakes! I am good.....

For more information go to: and add up the group. There's some chat about the DJ's there and stuff. For more musicy things have a read here. Lovely.

Because everyone loves a good list….

Its nearly the end of the year, thus every single music geek out there is compiling their end of the year list. I am going to hop straight on that bandwagon with my top 10. Also, I think this will be a good way to introduce some of you to some of the fresh sounds you will be hearing in the new year at my club.

1. Next Hype – Tempa T

2. Anaconda – Untold

3. Gutter Music Feat. Durrty Goodz – Starkey

4. Pon De Floor – Major Lazer

5. Re-Up – Joker

6. Hyph Mngo – Joy Orbison

7. Love Dub – Cooly G

8. Sound of Kuduro – Buraka Som Sistema

9. United Groove – L-Vis 1990

10. Zoo00OOm - Hudson Mohawke

1. Next Hype had to be at the top of the list really. There has been no other song this year that makes me jump pon de dance floor and scream the lyrics at the DJ. Grime at its very best. Fast flow and creative lyrics, Tempz is a genius.

Who wants to come to toys ‘r’ us with me in my pars ‘r’ us t-shirt and re-create the video? Obviously I’d play Tempz but I’ll need a Westwood stand in and a guy flying a kite in the park.

2. Untold is the pioneer of creating beeps with a heavy punch to them. Anaconda is so sparce and simple but these punches make it feel so huge on the dance floor. Check out his new tune, stop what you’re doing. Equally fierce. Hessle Audio crew are set to slam hard into the new year.

3. Starkey is one of the guys who pricked my ears to dubstep and I’m pretty sure everyone agrees that Gutter Music is one of the stand out tracks from the album, Ephemeral Exhibits. Equally, I feel like I’ve been raving on about Durrty Goodz FOREVER. So, when their powers combined, it created a truly explosive combination. Take note grime artists jumping on the back of dubstep beats yer. Definitely check out Starkey’s new tune, OK Luv Feat. Badness.

4. Switch and Diplo combined this year to create a kind of electro super hero, Major Lazer. Pon De Floor is annoyingly catchy and quite simple much to the annoyance of many many people. I think I realised this song had taken over once I heard N-Type drop it at Subdub and the crowd went mental. I defy you to resist wanting to shake your booty and do some daggering to this.

5. All I’m going to say about Re-Up by Joker is, my skank to this is possibly the best thing you may ever witness. Here’s a link to a fresh new Joker track, Tron.

6. Hype hype hype surrounds Joy Orbison from all angles, and off the back of only 2 releases! He is one of those interesting dubstep artists whom has managed to keep off the wobblers and yet still break through into the (fairly) mainstream subconscious. Dreamy vocals drip down the sides of this track.

7. Cooly G is the princess of Hyperdub. Shes a bit like Beyonce, if Beyonce was street, cool, could DJ and had good taste in music. She has brought UK funky and funky house to Hyperdub this year with this track. Still bass led but with a shimmy to it.

8. This Portuguese fam has been smashing up the festival scene this year, no doubt. And, with the recent release of a Fbriclive, you should definitely take note. This song features M.I.A. returning to her African roots. Bouncing rhythmic drums carry her vocals along like some kind of electro parade.

9. L-Vis 1990 has that special mix of UK funky and electro. He’s done well to gain the respect of both scenes. His live sets sway between the two and he always keeps the crowd jumping.

10. Hud Mo…. Where do I start? Apart form that I love him? He’s quite a weird mix of hip-hop and electronica. Swirly, wonky and mystical, Hud Mo is from another world. Zoo00OOm is from his debut album, Butter, which has the best artwork of all time.